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48 Year Old Male & Avid Golfer

Radiofrequency Ablation

I had large, rope-like varicose veins for years, but they never really bothered me, except for aesthetically. They were terribly dilated and one eventually became ulcerated and painful. They just looked terrible and I was starting to worry about blood clots and pooling as I got older. That’s when I decided it was time to do something about them.

I’ve known Dr. Overbeck for years and completely trust him with my health. So, choosing a doctor was easy. When I had my consultation with Dr. Overbeck, he walked me through the whole process from the vein mapping, to the radiofrequency ablation, to the phlebectomy. He was very easy to talk to and understand and he answered all of my questions to put me at ease with the procedures.

Because of my insurance situation, amazingly, we completed the entire process in just under a month. The radiofrequency ablation that Dr. Overbeck did wasn’t painful at all. I walked out of the office after each procedure and within a week could stand for long periods of time, unlike before. Ela and Rebecca did the ambulatory phlebectomy. They did an excellent job and kept me completely comfortable during the procedure despite how large my veins were.

Not only do I feel much better, but honestly my legs sure look a lot better on the golf course now. Thank you, Dr. Overbeck and Rebecca, for the fantastic work you did!





68 Year Old Female

Radiofrequency Ablation

I’ve always had a problem with varicose veins. I inherited them and after having children they really became an issue. I was left with ugly legs at the early age of 22.

I had the painful procedure of vein stripping in my late 20s and it did nothing. For years, I thought I would have to live with this problem. I couldn’t sleep at night and would experience intense pain in my legs. Walking great distances was impossible.

I have been so self-conscious of my legs due to having the ugliest varicose veins ever, that I haven’t worn shorts or a bathing suit since my 20s. I won’t even wear dresses.

A friend of mine was having her veins taken care of in her 80s. So I thought to myself if she could do this, so could I! When I was looking for a Cardiologist and came across Dr. Overbeck, he happened to be the same doctor that she used for her veins. So, I decided to see him for my heart and ask about the veins while I was there.

I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the procedures. They talked to me about everyday things while they were working. They are normal people with kids at home. It was a very comfortable setting. Dr. Overbeck is young and has a great attitude, but most of all he is a great doctor. And, I’m so happy that he’s my Cardiologist!

The best part of this procedure was it was covered by my insurance! I was in Dr. Overbeck’s office every other week over the course of three months having a treatment. I have never been happier with anything I’ve chosen to do in my life and I’m an 8-year cancer survivor of colon cancer. I was just thankful for that and that I’m here for a reason. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my life with beautiful legs.

I love to show my legs off to everyone and I can’t wait to buy cute little shorts.

I would strongly recommend any woman who has any doubts about what a good pair of legs can do for your self-esteem, it’s remarkable. I’ve started a walking club and walk 2 ½ miles every single morning rain or shine. My legs don’t hurt at all. It’s just amazing.

My advice to patients: On the health part, this prevents blood clots and things like that. If you want to live long and be able to exercise, ride your bike, or swim, you’ve got to have a healthy body. It’s the greatest way to point you in the right direction. I want to live to be 100 so I can keep showing off my legs!!

88 Year Old Female

Radiofrequency Ablation

My legs used to be swollen, and they are not anymore. I can actually see my ankles now!

The treatment was wonderful. The procedure was easy and painless. I really liked Dr. Overbeck.

I cannot thank Dr. Overbeck and his staff enough for what they did for me. I am just so happy to have my legs fixed. I would certainly recommend it to anybody.

56 Year Old Male & Pharmacy Employee

Radiofrequency Ablation

A few years ago, my primary care doctor referred me to a vein specialist. The specialist was confident it could be fixed. $14,000 dollars and three days of bed rest later….and it didn’t work. The specialist wanted to re-do it, but insurance wouldn’t pay for it a second time in the same year.

So, I just lived with the pain. My legs oozed. I limped and had to use a cane. At work, I would go back and forth standing on one leg to try to relieve the pain. But, I had to smile through the pain for my customers. I couldn’t wear boots anymore. There were nights that I would sit in my garage with my feet propped up on the freezer to keep them above my head to try to get the pain to go away. I couldn’t sleep at night from pain and pressure. Even just putting a sheet over my legs hurt.

Then, my mom saw an ad in Granbury Now magazine for Dr. Overbeck. I figured it was worth a try. I met Dr. Overbeck, Donna, and their team on a Friday. They said they could fix me. I thought, “I’ve heard that before.” Donna called on Monday with approval from my insurance company and scheduled everything.

I had my first Radiofrequency Ablation treatment on a Friday. Was back to work on Monday and felt good. By my follow-up appointment the following Friday, the pain was completely gone. I had three procedures on one leg and two on other leg over the course of five weeks. In that short amount of time, Dr. Overbeck made me feel like I was 20 again. I couldn’t believe it! Now I feel great at work and have even been dancing!

Dr. Overbeck and his whole team really know what they are doing, were concerned about my welfare, and are all sincere. Dr. Overbeck is a miracle worker. If there’s a problem with your veins, he’s the man to see.

65 Year Old Female

Radiofrequency Ablation

I had my veins treated with another vein doctor before I met Dr. Overbeck and it was horrible. It took 5 hours and wasn’t successful. I was very active, so the poor circulation, painful veins, and aching legs were a real problem.

Then, my primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Overbeck. I was nervous because of my previous experience but was hopeful that because Dr. Overbeck was a Cardiologist that dealt with veins all the time that I would have a better outcome. Dr. Overbeck did an ultrasound, an exam, and put me at ease very quickly. He explained why my former procedure failed and explained in detail how he would treat my veins.

The whole team was wonderful from the ultrasound lady to Donna. I’m not a very good patient. I’m old and was in pain. But they were so patient with me and couldn’t have been nicer.

When it was time for the procedure, Dr. Overbeck walked me through the entire procedure again to calm me down. He was so understanding and kind. He ended up doing radiofrequency ablation on both legs and removed a vein over my knee. It improved my blood flow, gave me better circulation, and made me feel so much better. My outside veins aren’t as purple, my feet aren’t turning black any longer, they no longer ache, and they aren’t restless.

Donna called me after each procedure to check on me. And, she said to call with any questions. And, whenever I did, I got answers quickly and kindly from them. I was thoroughly impressed with their process and team from start to finish.

What would I tell patients considering varicose vein treatment? Be sure you get someone that knows what they are doing that has a lot of experience with it, like Dr. Overbeck. It made all the difference for me. I would go back to Dr. Overbeck in a heartbeat.